From Rev. Warner Bloomfield

The words below are from the “Emergency Plan: The United Church of Canada, March 2020.”

“In times of crisis, the faith community is often the first place people turn to for support, particularly if the emergency has widespread health implications. Yet the very nature of being a community adds an increased level of risk if the emergency involves the spread of a respiratory (droplet) infection. How would we continue to offer ministries on Sunday mornings and throughout the week without putting our ministry personnel, lay people, and participants at risk?

The church’s mission will guide us to do what is right:

• to love one another as Christ loved us

• to provide hope and compassion

• to take action and respond to community need”

As you are aware things in our community and in the world at large have been moving very quickly. So it was that Council chair Nancy O’Neill and I made the difficult choice to suspend worship activities at Grace United Church for this Sunday and next. We also decided it would be best to suspend all activities in the church for two weeks.

Church council will consider further actions as we learn more in the coming days.

We made that decision after considering the actions of a great many other organizations in the region and province and throughout Canada. Social distancing is an important strategy in reducing the impact of this illness. it would be reckless of us as a community of faith to not do our part.

That said, it is still important that we remember what we are; a community of faith. We are responsible to and for one another.
As we have said through Lent; “We belong to one another.”

In the coming days we will be reflecting on ways to maintain our connections as a worshiping people and to ensure we continue to care for one another, support one another and guard against isolation.

I am at Grace United Church this morning if you wish to call for more information or to seek prayer.

May you all remain healthy. If you feel unwell, stay home. Our prayers continue for those suffering from this illness and from the fear it may bring.
Rev. Warner Bloomfield