One of the most important things we are working on here at Grace United over this period of social distancing, is how do we as a worshipping community hold on to a sense of connectedness.

I am encouraging those with concerns about isolation; either for yourself or others to contact me at Grace.  The phone number is 905-774-4504.  I am more than happy to talk with people who are lonely or concerned about this situation.

We have also decided to organize a regular time of prayer.  We are suggesting people take time every day at noon to pray.  We see this as a time that we come together in prayer no matter where we might be in the community.  We may not be able to gather physically as a community, but we can gather together in prayer .  We will mark this time of prayer by ringing the church bell 12 times.  It is my hope to post a brief prayer on Facebook to offer some idea of ways to give thanks and put forward those concerns and people we wish to name.

Finally we are working on providing a streamed worship service this Sunday.  This brief time of worship, including prayer, scripture, reflection and possibly song will be available by Facebook Live.  We will stream that at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday, just like our regular worship.  We are going to attempt to keep working on our beautiful emptiness through this time of Lent.  Remember that this Sunday we were going to offer the name of someone you love.  As such, if you are comfortable, email me or message me a name and I will place it on a piece of paper to put on our table.

As I said in a previous message.  For many of us these are unprecedented events.  It is difficult to imagine what happens next.  Fear can be a natural reaction to much of this.  It is not wrong to experience fear.  But let us not react in fear but to the fear.  Let us react in love and compassion, finding ways to share God’s peace and hope as we go forward. Remembering we are part of a community of faith, of hop and of love.


Rev. Warner Bloomfield