SPIRITUALITY, JUSTICE AND ETHICAL LIVING | CELEBRATING 191 YEARS View this email in your browser FROM OUR JUNE ISSUE   How my husband and I spent our final hours together  
By Judith Pettersen   He wanted to die before cancer killed him, and that morning, he would get his wish   Read more  
FROM OUR JUNE ISSUE   Will Canada let Ron Posno die on his own terms?  
By Kevin Spurgaitis   The 80-year-old has early signs of dementia. When the time comes, he wants a medically assisted death. But the law may not allow it.   Read more  

FROM OUR WEBSITE   COVID-19 testing is vital. Here’s what we need.   By Larissa Matukas   A medical microbiologist on the myriad barriers to identifying and containing the virus
    Read more  
FROM OUR MAY ISSUE   When daughters follow their mothers into ministry  
By Laura Kenins   Diaconal and ordained ministers on their unique connection with their mothers   Read more  

FROM OUR WEBSITE   During COVID-19, I find freedom in a slower pace  
By Elaine Hofer   The pandemic has reset our lives in our Hutterite community, but there is goodness and grace amid the uncertainty   Read more  

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