I had a powerful connection to this prayer, but the church’s changes have rendered it ordinary

By Diana Mohrsen | May 26, 2020

How much change is too much? I ask myself that almost every Sunday. When I look around the United church I attend, I see that the majority are seniors like me. And I wonder if they also grieve the loss of our traditions.

During my school years in Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia, we recited the Lord’s Prayer each morning. Through thousands of repetitions, the words “Our Father” became a part of me. I never wondered why or resented that God was addressed as “Our Father” and not “Our Mother” or “Father Mother God.” I simply accepted it. And I loved the archaic language — “which art in heaven,” “thy” and “thine.” It reminded me that we speak of God in a special way. I also went to Sunday school, where I memorized the Bible verses (using the King James Version) that became part of my spiritual foundation….

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