Grace United Church
Official Board Report
June 19. 2020
Happy Summer! What a strange spring we had this year! I want to let you know what has been going on with all of our committees since we have been in quarantine.

Worship Committee last met March 12. At that meeting we discussed the following Summer worship at Bethany in July
Plans for suture services including Palm Sunday, Easter Sunday and Anniversary Sunday Due to Covid-19 closure none of these services happened. Warner will be on Holiday in July and future services are undetermined at this time. All services at present are available on
Facebook Live with thanks to Warner, Ellie and Gail.

Worship Chair
Maureen Jones
Unfortunately, the UCW had to miss our Annual Meeting, turkey pie making and several other catering opportunities. We have been keeping in touch with one another by email and telephone. We have renewed the Mandate and this is kept in the church library. We decided to contribute $6,000.00 towards the church insurance. We were disappointed to note that this had increased by 30 per cent over last year. All United Churches were assessed
similarly, and hopefully this will be investigated during the coming year.
It is also reported that Senior Support Services have resumed delivery of hot Meals on Wheels. Pat Glaves is our Day Captain and has arranged for Grace United Church to deliver the meals when it is our turn. Careful consideration has been given to sanitary precautions for both the
client and volunteer and everything seems to be going well.
Susan Baker
UCW Pres.

Since Covid 19 interrupted our operation the following have taken place from an M&P perspective.
1. There has been no in-church regular work attendance by staff since March 13, 2020.
2. Rev. Bloomfield is working from home including Sunday services from his living room.
3. Gail provides music to Rev Bloomfield for the on-line services.
4 Mary is working from home, sending out notices by email and retrieving messages from both email and telephone.
5 Linda continues with financial duties and providing monthly financial statements.
6 Lisa’s hours are minimal while no one is permitted to be in the church.
Joyce Fleet

A report was sent out with the Anniversary Letter but I will recap it here:
We are going to go ahead with a Foodgrains Project. The amounts to sponsor remain the same this year, $200 and acre, $100 for one half an acre, $50 for a quarter of an acre, or whatever amount you would like to make. Donations can be dropped on in Sandy’s mailbox or mailed to
120 Briar Glen Court, Dunnville N1A 3H3. Please remember to make your cheques payable to Grace U.C.W. It would be appreciated if you would also drop your Len Luxury Cups to the same address as above noting your name, envelope number and where you wish your funds to goLocal or M&S. The charities we support will be in great need this year.

Once it is has been decided that our worship services will be held in the building again, decisions will be made about how to plan for our Sunday School Program. Thank you to Mary for forwarding the Broadview Magazine and the Cave Spring Camp information to the congregation on our behalf. Our Scouting organization has not given me any information to share with you at this time.
Christian Development Chair
Sharon Fleguel

Val Green has sent out cards to 9 members regarding sympathy, 3 members regarding Special birthdays and 6 cards with get well wishes. I have been away but have asked UCW members to contact other church members who have needed friendly voices and some contact when they are alone. We have a great congregation who have been looking in on those in need, taking groceries etc when needed and keeping in contact with church family. We need new people on this Committee since age is taking its toll on many of our greatest visitors and COVID-19 has stopped everything else. That will be addressed when we meet again. Keep safe everyone,
Pastoral Care Chair
Marnie Green

Finance Commiittee
Linda is doing a great job of going to the church mail box every day to pick up any donations and has organized with the bank to accept e-transfers. She deposits twice a month and has been going a monthly Financial statement.

The communication committee has been hard at work looking at ways to improve our on-line presence for services. There are things coming in the near future that will make the experience better for all concerned. I believe the first service with our new software and hardware will
happen on June 28. It will be accessed exactly the same way. I look forward to seeing the changes. I would like to thank everyone who has helped out during this very unique time. We have not been able to get together except on-line but I know it is very comforting to hear and see Rev. Warner every day at noon and on Sundays. I wish Warner and family a great vacation in July.
We are hoping to be able to be together again in some form in September, however we will be very careful in going forward. We must protect everyone in all ways before we feel it would be right to meet again. Now that we are approaching summer, I wish everyone good health and
a happy summer.
Official Board Chair
Nancy O’Neill