You may have notice the web site has been quiet lately. To keep you updated, we have been working on moving the web site to a new host. While for the most part, this will make little different to you, there are many things going on in the background and part of that process is not to make any changes in the short term on the site as they may not make the move. After the move, I suspect there will be a learning curve for me on the new layout etc. There will not be any massive change to the site, no ‘new and improved!’ as my skill set as a ‘webmaster’ does not allow that yet. I am sure there will be little changes noticeable here and there with the new host. But that is what is going on while Rev. Warner is on holidays. The Communication Committee is also trying out different ways to improve our Sunday Sermons using newer technologies that could allow us to bring in guests for things like music and readings. We always look forward to feedback, suggestions and ideas. Those that be sent using the comment box below, email to Mary or contacting us directly. Just a reminder that besides the sermons on this site, there are 18 noon hour prayers on our Youtube channel that can also be viewed. Don’t forget to send your celebrations so they can be added to the calendar. Enjoy the month and stay cool and safe.