To the members and adherents of Grace United Church, Dunnville,

Greetings to you all. I hope this letter finds you well and enjoying the blessings of this season as we
make our final preparations for Christmas celebrations. I wanted to take time to wish all of you a
very Merry Christmas and all the best as we enter a New Year.
It is certainly my prayer that all of you have experienced God walking with you and accompanying
you through your many journeys and adventures over the past 12 months. It is my hope you have
been able to draw strength and comfort knowing God is with you on your way.
The past year has been a challenging one for many people. Many of us have endured personal
losses, health scares, concerns about finances, and anxiety about the days to come. Perhaps you
have questions about the direction our country and the world appear to be heading.
Others in our community have enjoyed additions to their families, witnessed and experienced a host
of happy events in their lives, and enjoyed various measures of success.
It is my hope that in all of these occasions, those that are life giving and affirming, and those that
are heart breaking, you have experienced the care and support that comes with being part of a
community that loves you, supports you and affirms you. It is my prayer that you can walk through
life secure in the knowledge that God accompanies you on the way.
Because that is ultimately the message of the Christmas season. God loves us so much that God
desires to enter a deeper and more complete relationship with us all. With us as a community and as
individuals. God chose to enter the world as a child, to experience all that our lives have to offer,
from the life of an infant to that of an adult, with stops along the way for the life of a child and a
youth. The life of Jesus included – joy, heartbreak, loneliness and temptation – but ultimately it was
a life lived amongst friends, family and community.
God is a part of our families and our communities. God is found in all our relationships. May you see
the way God is at work in all parts of your life and find comfort and strength in that knowledge.
And so, as we finish wrapping our presents; confirm our plans for Christmas and how we will usher in
a new year, I offer you my heartfelt blessings and wishes for a very Merry Christmas and Happy New
With all my love and blessings,
Rev. Warner Bloomfield.