Sermons from October 2020

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Sunday 25 October 2020-Modified Service


Hello Due to ongoing local COVID concerns, today’s in church service was cancelled and the live stream was delayed.   Music Sunday 25 October 2020   Sermon for October 25 […]

Sunday 18 October 2020


Hello Just a little background information. The Church continues to work towards improving both live streaming and in-sanctuary Service. Yesterday, 4 people spent 2 hours testing and trying different ways […]

Sunday 11 October 2020


NOTE: As this was our first time back in the Sanctuary for Service in some 7 months, we experienced some technical issues, as such, the Sermon had to be split. […]

Sunday 4 October 2020


Music Sunday 4 October 2020     Sermon for October 4, 2020 Rev. Warner Bloomfield I won’t speak for anyone else, but I really don’t like being told what to […]